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Intended for those who wish to study Japanese with a student residence status. This course is designed for those who wish to enter Japanese higher education or find employment in Japan.

Enrolment takes place in April and July; the duration of study is two years for those enrolling in April and one year and nine months for those enrolling in July.


General Japanese, Reading, Listening, Writing, Conversation

*Preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Japanese University Entrance Examination for International Students (EJU) are available for those who wish to take them.

Curriculum by Levels

Level Beginners I & II Pre-Intermediate (N3 Level) Intermediate (N2 Level)
Lesson Hours 660 hours 510 hours 350 hours
※160 hours for 1 year and 9 months course
Main Textbooks Minna no Nihongo I・II Wakatte Tsukaeru Nihongo TRY! Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2
Content Starting from hiragana and katakana, we develop Japanese language proficiency to the level where simple daily conversations can be conducted. Listening and reading comprehension are progressed daily, aiming to achieve a balanced mastery of all four language skills. Additionally, essay writing, including opinion essays required for university entrance exams, will be practiced. Teachers may vary depending on the subject. Continue studying for the N2 level. A speech competition will be held in February, marking the culmination of two years of study.

Lesson Hours

Intermediate classes are held in the mornings and beginner classes in the afternoons.
Morning 9:25~12:45
1st hour 9:25~10:10
2nd hour10:15~11:00
3rd hour11:10~11:55
4th hour12:00~12:45
Afternoon 13:30~16:50
1st hour13:30~14:15
2nd hour14:20~15:05
3rd hour15:15~16:00
4th hour16:05~16:50