Nagoya City University, Department of Economics
* The most important thing is to learn a foreign language in the country to try to understand the culture to think. Nagoya International School teacher of Japanese daily life in the Japanese culture, in part by introducing the basic diligently to increase our Japanese skills. And have you ever made ​​a warm campus environment, students helped actively to try.

Aichi Toho University School of Business Administration Department of Local Business
* Gentlemen, do you have a dream? Keep the motivation. Nagoya International Japanese study Japanese in school to get into, as well as Japanese society will gain experience, open up your mind and try a challenge.

孟 雅芳 Meng Avon(China)
Nagoya City University Graduate School of Arts Graduate School of Engineering
* Japanese in school for two years when I was a vibrant. Study at the school had so much fun iteulsu., You leave your home country to start a new life and making new friends, learning words, while the new one can be found, I think. I hope you also go pioneered a new life.

劉超杰 Liu Chaojie(China)
Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Design
* The larger heart, his stage grows. So his goal jeonghago height calmly worked hard in that direction, I think that must go.