Go to college, graduate school, professional school for students who wish to have a variety of support.

■ Friendly, courteous guide
1. Two experienced teachers in our school to attend a friendly, carefully guide decisions.
2. If you attend an interview in Japan is very important. In an interview about the manner in practice to practice answers.
3. Pathways to Hope Professor of mail, essay writing, research proposal, written reason book also thoroughly to guide choice.
4. According to the needs of each student attend school in the choice of examination, thesis mock interviews are conducted to the guidance and advice.
5. Good student grades, attendance may be recommended a designated school.

■ A wealth of information
1. Our school is equipped with a rich Pathways data.
2. Japanese universities and graduate schools, professional schools prospectus booklet, is located.
3. College and graduate school, professional school entrance exams, separated by company hopes to introduce the necessary information.

■Pathways Past Status
愛知工業大学、四日市大学、名古屋経済大学、岐阜経済大学 등