* 1. Higher Education Course
Those who wish to apply for admission 2-3 months in advance
※ Once the selection of students is finished, we will not accommodate any group of applicants
          Course Name: 2-Year Higher Education Course
          Duration: 2 Years
          Capacity: 65 Students
          Number of Classes: 4 Classes
          Application Period: Until the end of October
          Admission Month: April of the following Year
          Course Name: 1-Year and 9 Months Higher Education Course
          Duration: 1 Year and 9 Months
          Capacity: 18 Students
          Number of Classes: 1 Class
          Application Period: Until the end of February
          Admission Month: July

* 2. Short Term Japanese Language Learning
Those who wish to enroll, please contact us.
※A 90-day Visa will be issued
          Duration: About 1 Month
          Capacity: Limited number of students
          Application Period: One Month Before the Admission Period
          Admission Time: Irregular