* 1. higher education Course
Those who wish to enroll two or three months
before the admission procedure should enroll for:
          Course:  2 years for higher education Course(AM)	
          Class period: 2years
          Class Capacity :40students
          Class Number: 2Class
          Support period: November 20 deadline
          March admissions graduated April
          Course:  1.5 years for higher education Course(PM)
          Class period: 1.5 years
          Class Capacity : 40students
          Class Number: 2Class
          Support period: May 20 deadline
          October Admission graduated March

* 2. Japanese short-term language training
One month before admission procedure,
 admission seekers should.
(90-day short-term visa system)
          Class period: For more than 6 months
          Class Capacity:A few students
          Support period: Enrollment 1 month ago
          Beginning of April, July, October, January